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Making it Real: Use PIE and TALK to develop your own programs

Use the content from Inspire Visitors Through PIE and TALK to plan new programs or to modify existing programs for your site. 

Making it Real

Program Overview

10 Hours

Virtual or In-person

Prereq- PIE and TALK

Up to 15 participants


Program Planning

Using the content from Inspire Visitors Through PIE and TALK, Dr. Jacquie will guide you as you plan new programs or to modify existing programs for your site. We will make use of Dr. Jacquie’s HIIPPO- Holistic Inspiration-based Interpretation Program Planning Outline and the PIE and TALK Recipe Card as planning tools.


Through group brainstorming, all participants will help each other generate program specific ideas; resulting in more creative and innovative programs for your site.


Dr. Jacquie will also share thoughts from her years of experience and her collection of ideas from sites across North America.

The timing of the course will be set to best meet your needs, e.g., three short sessions or two longer sessions, with continued planning as homework for your team members. We will plan no more than three new or modified programs, with your staff/volunteers working in small teams throughout the course.


The training course will be followed by two hours of coaching with Dr. Jacquie to help you further develop your ideas for using PIE and TALK techniques at your site. We could hold a virtual session after your team has had time to digest the course content, hold a session after your team has had a chance to try some of the ideas at your site or set up a virtual meeting between you as the supervisor/manager and Jacquie only. We will discuss the best coaching option for your site.

Note: You must have completed Inspire Visitors through PIE and TALK before booking Making it Real as this program requires foundational knowledge in participatory and dialogic interpretive techniques. 



"Jacquie rocked it by using the chat for engaging her audience. She models what she teaches!”
Illustrated hot air balloon with the word 'Inspiration' written on it.


1 / Level-up your team

After participating in the PIE and TALK workshops, your staff/volunteers will be trained in the latest visitor-centred techniques for interpretation and guiding (AKA two-way, participatory and dialogic interpretation.)

2 / Plan more inspiring programming

Using ideas from the workshops, your staff/volunteers will be inspired to modify their communications with visitors to be more focused on two-way interactions. Their comfort level with talking about all subjects will be increased.

3 / Walk away with new programs

After participating in the Making it Real program, your staff/volunteers will have planned 1 or more new programs or modified 1 or more existing programs using ideas from the Inspire through PIE and TALK course, Dr. Jacquie, and their colleagues.

4 / Get the support you need

Through the follow-up coaching sessions, you and your team will be supported in their efforts to try new or different techniques in their interpretation.

10 hours planning and coaching for up to 15 participants*

Online $2900**

* Reach out to discuss larger groups

**Add in the cost of travel expenses for Dr. Jacquie for face-to-face training

Prices in USD or CAD depending on the location of the training/coaching.

Yellow sticky note.

Certificates of Completion will be provided digitally to all participants who fulfill the requirements.

Online training is offered online on your own time, through the Miro whiteboard. Other courses and coaching are offered virtually (at scheduled times, via  Zoom/other and or face-to-face. Additional costs required to cover travel for face-to-face training.     

Dr. Gilson’s Inspired to Inspire paperback book copies may be bulk ordered and mailed directly to your site for a discounted rate of $39.99 per copy, plus shipping (the regular cost is $54.99 plus shipping). Digital copies of Inspired to Inspire may be purchased as part of your training for a cost of $4.99 per person.

Please see the attached infographic for more details on PIE and TALK. 

Prices in USD or CAD depending on the location of the site/organization.

Booking fees added by Eventbrite for credit card payment processing.

Important Information



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