Inspired to Inspire

Ready to take your work in interpretation or guiding to the next level?

Over the last 100 years, the way we approach interpretation has matured and changed, with an increasing focus on being holistic. Inspired to Inspire explores the many benefits that a holistic approach to interpretation may bring to visitors, interpreters and organizations. It presents inspiration as an engaging, fun and rewarding holistic approach to interpretation.

Chock full of thoughts from interpreters and practical examples, including ideas for participatory and dialogic interpretation, we hope this book will become your go to guide to help you stay inspired to inspire!

What early reviewers said about Inspired to Inspire

I truly believe the book will be a cornerstone, if not keystone, in the edifice of interpretation for the 21st century!

Jeffrey Aarnio

Heritage Interpreter

Inspiration being two sided was mind blowing for me. I made so many notes.

Cassia Warner

Calgary Zoo

Approachable style and practical advice. The book has a nice blend of theory and practical examples which will appeal to a wide range of interpretive professionals.

Emily Jacobs

Author photo

About Jacquie Gilson

Jacquie is thrilled to have been involved in the theory and practice of interpretation for over 40 years. She achieved her doctoral degree in Social Sciences in 2015 after studying the concept of inspiration in heritage interpretation. Inspired to Inspire is a culmination of her research and experiences in practice.

Jacquie recently retired from Parks Canada after nine years as an Interpretation Coordinator in the Canadian mountain national parks. She aims to inspire interpereters via training and planning services offered through her consulting company, InterpActive.

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