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Get Inspired to Inspire with
Dr. Jacquie Gilson

Through coaching & training for today's environmental and heritage interpreters, I help you facilitate experiences and inspire others.


Modern interpretive training to inspire your team and achieve results

Take the pressure off you for training your staff/team

Inspire your team to try the latest audience-centred, two-way techniques in interpretation

Get the results you need to show to management

Receive coaching support to help you make changes and stay inspired


In today’s fast paced and changing world, interpreters and guides need to be facilitators of experiences, and not merely presenters of information.

Participatory and Dialogic Interpretation are two frameworks that could help interpreters be more visitor-centred. Participatory Interpretation techniques help to engage visitors actively during interpretive experiences, and Dialogic Interpretation techniques help visitors connect to place by talking about the site and/or its stories.


Holistic Inspiration-based Interpretation

All InterpActive training is guided by Holistic Inspiration-based Interpretation as covered in Dr. Jacquie’s book Inspired to Inspire (2020).

Through these training courses and follow up coaching, your staff/volunteers will gain the tools they need to be more at ease with two-way interactions with visitors.


All InterpActive courses are participatory and Dr. Jacquie will involve you and your team in many different facilitation techniques you could also use with your visitors. Throughout the courses, discussions will be tailored toward your site and your circumstances, as much as possible. As a bonus, you will leave these courses with thoughts for ways to report on the successes of participatory and dialogic interpretation to your management.


And you will be inspired!

Illustrated mountain with groups of people in 'Deep Talk', 'Activity Talk' and 'Small Talk'.


Coaching & Training Options

InterpActive is pleased to present you with a variety of training options to best meet your needs and keep you and your team inspired to inspire!

Illustrated mountain with groups of people in 'Deep Talk', 'Activity Talk' and 'Small Talk'.

Dialogic Interpretation - Your Way Online Training

BASIC TALK - Dialogic Interpretation Your Way Online Training

Unleash the power of dialogic interpretation at your own pace. The BASIC TALK course covers essential content in approximately 6 hours, allowing you to learn on your own schedule. Dr. Jacquie offers additional insights on the Miro whiteboard course platform as you progress through the training.

ENHANCED TALK - Dialogic Interpretation Your Way Online Training

Take your understanding further with the ENHANCED TALK course, extending the BASIC TALK experience by an additional 2 hours. Customize a TALK-based interpretive experience tailored for your site with Dr. Jacquie's guidance and private feedback.

CUSTOM TALK - Tailored Dialogic Interpretation Training  

Contact us to tailor online Dialogic Interpretation training for your group! In your own self-guided Miro-based online course, your staff would be the only participants.  Free access is provided to the Miro board for one supervisor per 8 participants.



About Dr. Jacquie

Jacquie (she/her) has been involved in the interpretation profession for over 40 years.


Over that time, she has worked for municipal, provincial, national, and not for profit park and heritage organizations. In 2015, she completed her Doctor of Social Sciences degree after studying inspiration in interpretation for her dissertation.


Jacquie is proud to be a scholar-practitioner with a combination of many years of practical experience as an interpreter and manager, as well as many years as a researcher.


In 2020, Jacquie retired after 8 years as the Interpretation Coordinator for Parks Canada in Lake Louise, Banff National Park and is now honoured to reside in Comox, British Columbia, on the traditional unceded territory of the K’omoks nation.

Illustration of Inspired to Inspire: Holistic Inspirational Interpretation of Dr. Jacquie Gilson.


"Jacquie rocked it by using the chat for engaging her audience. She models what she teaches!”
Illustrated hot air balloon with the word 'Inspiration' written on it.


Start inspiring today.

Contact Dr. Jacquie to discuss setting up coaching & training just for your site.

Tel: (403) 609-8594

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Ready to take your work in interpretation or guiding to the next level? 

Inspired to Inspire: Holistic Inspirational Interpretation by Dr. Jacquie Gilson.
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