Try PIE for Engagement- Interpreter Training

In the PIE model, interpretation starts with Participation, which is followed by Information, and then Encouragement to take action of some kind. In this session, we will use the PIE model as our technique to take a look at the whole PIE idea, then tackle the specific slices. First, we’ll talk about PIE as a model and brainstorm the benefits of using the PIE model. Then we will delve into each of the ingredients of PIE, starting with types of participation, how to weave information into participation, and how to encourage action after. Throughout the session,  I will share examples from my experiences.

As we go through this three hour session, participants will be encouraged to relate the ideas to their work in interpretation and we will share tangible ideas for use at their sites.

Certificate of completion provided after.

COST- $85 per person for 3 hours training

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